News: Taylor Trumpets’ unusual new line of mouthpieces

Taylor trumpets is a small trumpet manufacturer based in Norwich, UK with a reputation for their dark sounding horns and visually stunning designs. In the past, the company has come up with relatively normal instruments through to completely off the wall ones including some which could only be described as pieces of art. Andy Taylor’s past experience in the manufacture of French Horns has made his trumpets particularly popular with players who favour a darker and broader tone.

Uncle Sam custom shop trumpet, built in 1996


Freddie Flintstone custom shop “Rock’n Roll Artform” trumpet, built in 1997

Continuing their tradition of unusual designs, 2015 will bring the release of a range of Kirinite and Polyester mouthpieces. According to Taylor’s website, these plastics are incredibly durable and comfortable to play on, as well offering the same tonal possibilities of the more traditional brass. Unlike brass however, they can be crafted in numerous eye catching designs and they truly are attention grabbing.

The mouthpieces will be available in 4 series:
K- Made from Kirinite, the most durable, but does not allow for uniform designs, meaning all pieces from this range will have a slightly different appearance.
E, F, C- Made from cast polyester, which is still durable but not as glass-like as Kirinite and allows for more uniform patterns and colours.

Finally, Taylor are offering a service to modify any piece you send to them by replacing the rim with Kirinite or Polyester design, resulting in some very cool looking mouthpieces that are really like nothing else on the market.

Visit Taylor trumpets at to find out more about their instruments and mouthpieces.

All images courtesy of Used with permission.



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