Yamaha 6310Z and Taylor Trumpet Hybrid

This trumpet started life as a Yamaha 6310z ‘Bobby Shew’ model. It was traded in to the Taylor trumpet factory where it underwent some quite drastic changes. The original lead pipe, tuning slide and bell section have been replaced with Taylor designed parts. The bell flare is bigger and the lead pipe seems to be wider than the original. Heavy top and bottom caps and Taylor’s signature heavy finger rings have also been added, which brings the overall weight of instrument up to 1.236kg.

The finger buttons are raised as you might be able to make out in the pictures. They’re weird. Almost everyone who has ever played the horn has said something along the lines of ‘wow, that’s weird’. However, it took me only a very short amount of time before I got used to them and now they feel normal and they look nice, so what more could you possibly want?

The trumpet has a dark sound, due, I would imagine, to the weight, as well as Taylor’s manufacturing techniques which I don’t pretend to understand, but are apparently borrowed from techniques used to make French horns. The result is very pleasing in a jazz setting and would also not be out of place in the orchestra.

Tuning on the instrument is rarely a problem. Most of the awkward notes around the top of the staff slot easily and are very reasonably in tune. G’s can be quite sharp but they can be persuaded in tune rather than bullied.

It also has an Eagle decal on the side. I didn’t put that there, they did it in the Taylor factory. I just like it and so I’ve never removed it.

Why is it pink?
If you have to ask, you’ll probably never know. Would I take it to a local orchestra gig?* No. Is it fun at weddings? Yes!

The techie bit:

Bell Diameter: 135mm
Mouthpiece: I’m using a Bach 7D for everything at the moment. It’s slightly shallower and more cushioned than the 7C that everyone seems to own but no one seems to use.
Sex appeal: Infinite, I’d have to say. Yep. Probably infinite. (Maybe)

Visit www.taylortrumpets.com to find out more about Taylor instruments.

*Would I get booked for an orchestra gig? The answer is also no. A resounding no.



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