Lee Morgan Month: Lee Morganisms (Part 1/3)- Double Tongue for Jazz Trumpet

Welcome to Lee Morganisms, a segment in which I will be dissecting some solos and identifying language and phrases in an attempt to discover what it is that makes Lee Morgan sound like Lee Morgan.
Part 2
Part 3

Bluesy double tongue licks.

Double tongue is a rare phenomenon in the world of jazz improvisation, used mostly as a special effect and far removed from the clean, precise tonguing used in classical solo and orchestral works. Lee Morgan is certainly not the only trumpet player to use double tonguing to this end in his solos, but it features in a high number of them.

A typical use of the technique is like this:

Double Tonuge 1

I’ve transcribed examples below to see how this kind of lick is used in context. Each of the videos is set up to play precisely from the lick written below.

  1. Moanin’


    Double Tonuge 2.png
  2. New-Ma 

    https://youtu.be/Omc5iNix0W0?t=5m35sNew Ma Double Tongue.png

  3. I’m Old Fashioned (Bar 16 in the transcription)https://youtu.be/HNnM2iRwHLE?t=6m44s

    I'm Old Fashioned Double Tongue.png


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