News: Eclipse Trumpets Competition

Eclipse Trumpets have just opened a competition on their website to win one of their new hand made ‘Celeste’ trumpets. The model was released earlier this year and features a fixed lead pipe configuration. Here’s the exact trumpet that will be the prize for the competition, along with some other Eclipse goodies:

Winning isn’t as simple as just entering into a prize draw however. As usual, Eclipse have come up with something far more entertaining. Entrants must complete three tasks and the winner will be the most funny, entertaining or thoughtful in all of the categories.

The requirements this time are to take a picture of your current instrument in the most unusual place or situation, write a slogan for the Eclipse company which could be a poem and can be serious or not and finally write 100 words about why you should win the competition. Having fun is a requirement. Seriously, it’s written in the terms and conditions!

The competition is open until 15th May 2016. You can view the full competition page here. I happen to own an Eclipse Flugelhorn and it’s a beautiful instrument, so I’d recommend getting your thinking hat on and coming up with a good entry!

All images courtesy of Eclipse Trumpets. Used with permission. Cheers guys!


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