Jazz Trumpet Transcription: Love for Sale, Roy Hargrove

Here’s a transcription of Roy Hargrove’s solo on Love for Sale live at Smalls with Cyrille Aimée and Joel Frahm. This recording is really great. All of the solos stand out and I defy anyone not to tap their feet to the bouncy rhythm section groove.

There’s nothing in Roy’s solo that’s particularly difficult to get down notes wise. What is difficult to capture is the feel. He plays the quavers very smoothly and lightly in the swung sections while picking out more rhythmic and accented phrases in the 2 feel sections.

It’s worth noting that the alternative changes are used in the A section (i.e dominant chords instead of major 7 and minor 7)

As usual the video will play from Roy’s solo for convenience, but I’d recommend listening from the beginning. 

Download PDFs:
Click here to download the C/Concert Pitch Version (Piano, Bass, Flute etc.)
Click here to download the Eb version (Alto Sax, Baritone Sax etc.)
Click here to download the Bb version (Trumpet, Tenor Sax etc.)

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Love for Sale Transcription_0001Love for Sale Transcription_0002



4 thoughts on “Jazz Trumpet Transcription: Love for Sale, Roy Hargrove”

  1. This is really useful, it’s interesting to see the same altered lick over all the Gmaj7 – C7 chords (Joel plays them as Cmaj7), and the natural 9 over the F#-7b5 every time sounds really hip. Some of the D7 licks are the same line but displaced

    This is such a great version of this song, everyone plays phenomenally, different voices that gel perfectly, one of my favourites to listen to at the moment. Good work


  2. Really appreciate your transcriptions on this blog. I’ve been learning trumpet for a couple months and I’m able to practice learning to read using some tunes I really like thanks to this blog. I was wondering if you ever take any requests? There is a tune that Donald Byrd interprets on his Royal Flush album, ‘I’m a Fool to Want You’ that gives me chills every time I hear it. If you ever consider requests, learning that one some day would be amazing!




    1. Hi Randy,
      Thank you for your kind comments. Unfortunately, I’m no longer running this blog due to some personal reasons. However, I thought it only fair to reply to you, since you asked so nicely!
      Congratulations for picking up the best instrument ever! I’m familiar with that tune, and the Donald Byrd recording is gorgeous. This is just my two cents (to use a horrible cliche), but it is based on a few years of experience and some great teaching. My advice would be to attempt the transcription yourself. Rather than focusing on writing the music, try and copy Donald’s (or any great trumpet player you love) sound. It will be difficult and frustrating at first, but I promise it gets easier and the payoff you’ll get from doing it in terms up training your ears, timing, feel etc. will be invaluable.
      All the best,


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